Why we started

Below is the story of why Change MFCR opened its doors to provide mental health and self development

The purpose of Change M.F.C.R, inc is to empower humans from any and every background or situation. Born from a dark place where disparity and hopelessness lived. Change M.F.C.R, inc was born from a realization that support, mental health, and coaching can help all individuals change their lives. Now we provide counseling, life coaching, business coaching, and speaking services to the communities we served. But this was not always possible. The founders Carolina Alvarez and Dr. Julio C Caba lived in a situation that seemed impossible to fix. It all starts with Dr. Julio C Caba the coach, speaker, and administrator for the organization. Coming from turbulent times he lived a life of hopelessness, disparity, and lack of mental health. Born in New York City, in some of the worst neighborhoods at the time, poverty was an everyday experience. Leading to many issues in his future. Dropping out of high school and becoming a father by the age of 16 was just the beginning of Dr. Caba's issue. Before he even hit the age of 25, julio became a single father. The mother of the children left, leaving Julio with three kids under the age of three. This led to homelessness as Julio was not educated or skilled. Dr. Caba spiraled down a rabbit hole he could not get out of. You see, daycare was too expensive and by this time Dr. Caba was so deep in the hole it felt impossible to fix. For a while, Julio wandered the streets with his children battling to find food and shelter for his three children. At the time he was friends with Carolina who was working on her psychology degree. Every night Dr. Julio C Caba would call Carolina from a pay phone in despair. Crying and desperate for answers to get himself and his children out of the streets. This life created mental health issues such as depression, suicidal ideation, and even trauma. Every day Carolina would spend hours talking to Julio. What they both did not know at the time was that the training in psychology Carolina was taking helped Dr. Caba. The talks on the payphone became light and the end of julio's tunnel. He would then ask her questions about what she would learn in school like theories and other areas of the psychology world. After some time and even more turbulent situations, Carolina and Julio realized what was happening. They realized that the talks about mental health were giving Julio what he need to improve himself and his situation. Carolina assisted Julio in starting counseling which became normal for him. Going to counselors to work these situations out. This started a chain of events that led to the creation of the organization. Julio went back to school to get his bachelor's, masters and doctorate in business. Carolina Also, finished her Bachelors and then masters in Pshycology. Carolina went on to becoming a counselor. Dr. Caba started to gho see coaches and continued seeing counselor. One day they both sat down to discuss the