At Change M.F.C.R. we have taken a holistic approach to mental health. This is why our licensed counselors and certified life coach have created a life coaching program to assist you in directing the life you want. Our coaching programs helps you identify areas that are making you unhappy or unproductive such as overall life strategies, career, or business. This is then followed by strategic planing to build and strengthen those areas allowing  you to live a well directed life.  It is our belief that every individual has the potential to create and live the life they want. You are the director of a beautiful story that is waiting to be lived. 

Dr. Julio C Caba

  My name is Dr. Julio C. Caba and I want to share with you strategies for success. I am a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and life strategist that has traveled to many organizations motivating and teaching employees how to build strategies to win in life. My experiences include transforming my own life from a single homeless father with no education and unemployable to a Doctoral graduate with a successful businesses and a successful family. Using my real life experiences, educational research background, and business experiences to help you in many areas of life that include building life strategies, starting a business, and even finding your career. It is my mission in life to teach what I have learned because "the cycle of knowledge is not complete until you share it with others." It has been my experience that with the right support and guidance anyone can live the life they want. My core belief is; that the barriers  we believe stop us, are usually the same strengths we need to succeed. It is my hope to get a chance to show you what is truly possible in your life. Let's work together collaboratively so we can find a strategy to help you in any aspect of your life. Let's thrive and succeed together. 




This 5 week live coaching course will give you the base for which to build the life you want and break through any and all obstacles. Teaching you your personal strengths for which to exploit, your weaknesses for which you can strengthen, your opportunities for which you can go after, and your threats for which you prepare for. Based on your current, past, and future obstacles and research you can find your purpose and build strategies that will work for you! This special offer includes a workbook and live classes with the life coach so you can continually use it to evolve! Because to succeed we must dream, plan, execute, and repeat.


Dr. J has been breaking through and teaching individuals how to break through for years. Going from single homeless father to doctoral graduate, from unemployable to a serial entrepreneur opening many business, and from voiceless to an award winning motivational speaker Dr. J has the experience to help you BREAK THROUGH any and all obstacles that stand in your way! Helping you build strategies that will take you to the next level. It is Dr. J C's philosophy that all individuals have the power and knowledge to build the life they want. All they need is support and guidance to reach the stars. 


Want to succeed in your career? Do you feel like it is time to become the leader in an organization? This is the program for you! This course is based on a leadership research that found 9 tested and proven variables that allowed individuals like you become leaders in their organization. The research by Dr. J tested 20 individuals and analyzed what behaviors, traits, training, more helped them become the leaders of the pack. Learn this variables and the why of each variable to succeed in your career and or industry. These live coaching sessions will help you understand the things you can start doing today to begin your journey to success!


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