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Change M.F.C.R, inc provides workshop both at our new facility or virtual. These workshops are meant to provide self development skills and a community for empowering movement. Please view our upcoming workshops below. 

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Empowering and teaching groups, non-for-profits, and organizations in many areas including motivation, mental health, team building, professional life, organizational culture, business, self development and more. We are a group of highly trained and experienced speakers, counselors, and coaches with specialty in Industrial Organizational Psychology that work with a purpose of empowering humans by providing an interactive educational experience. Our workshops are conducted by our team of counselors and coaches who have real life and professional experiences in conducting live in person or virtual events for organizations and groups. Using their combined education and clinical experience to teach vital skills while entertaining your attendees. We currently have a facility that allows us to provide a place for workshops both virtually or in person. We also travel to you and or your organization to pour knowledge and entertainment into your organization and or attendees. We can create and conduct a highly interactive and entertaining workshop which can include interactive activities. Our speakers have worked with many organizations empowering and teaching the workforce and groups. From non-for-profits to private organizations we have learning programs to fit any type of event you might need. We are passionate about creating a highly entertaining educational experience to allow for maximum learning. Using our education to empower those that attend our events. 


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Counselors are the healers of our time. In charge of guarding society's Mental Health. It's time to give them the credit they deserve! This is a networking and speaking event! Dr. Julio C Caba from Change MFCR who has traveled throughout many organizations as a motivational speaker empowering attendees will be telling his story of how counselors changed his life. Being a counselor is very hard in today's world. Every day they work on helping others gain the most important thing we hold as humans, mental health. Since Julio started to see counselors his life changed and so did the lives of those that depend on him. He will be telling his story in hopes that it will show counselors how truly vital the work that they do is! It can be easy for counselors to see their work as a job but they must understand the true power they hold as healers. This story will show you that you are saving lives! You are changing lives! You are a powerful individual. So if you are a counselor in Florida you cannot miss this event as it will give you a whole new perspective on what you do. It will empower you and energize your career! Julio believes he must empower counselors so they may continue to save minds! 

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Sometimes being a man can be tough. Walking through life holding in everything that happens because of the stigma associated with openly discussing men's issue. Not having the opportunity to discuss mental health, relationships, emotions, career, family issues, and even being a provider. This group will get together in person twice a month To discuss many areas of life. It will be an open platform where all who participate can openly discuss things going on and even current events. Having a group of other men with similar experiences can make a huge difference on the mental health of a man. Giving him a place to let it all out and get productive feedback that can make the difference. This free group is for men from all backgrounds.




We all want to succeed in some way or another. Getting what we want out of life so we can be happy and live productive lives. But with so many distractions and barriers it can be difficult to build the life we want and become the person our past would have never imagined was possible. Learning an easy and proven strategy to start to get what you want out of life can change the course of our everyday. A strategy that can be easily implemented into everyday life and be repeated for continued success has the ability to change the course of our lives. This is why we have researched to find the plan that works. This research coupled with the experiences of Dr. Caba who went from no education to Doctorate degree, from unemployable to owning successful businesses, and from broken family to a successful family can change the life of an individual in 4 hours. This is a 4 part coaching session via group or one on one, in person or virtually teaches individuals how to systematically start getting what they want. From career to busines and even life this 4 part course has the ability to get you on your path and start your journey to success. Each session is one hour a day for 4 days. This is the strategy Dr. Julio C Caba used and continues to use in order to take charge of his life and get what he wants.

4 parts: 08/18/2022 08/25/202209/01/2022 and 09/08/2022

  • Identify your success, purpose, or that which you want.
  • Identify and conquer the barriers that hold you back from completing your success.
  • Formula for change: so you can change that which you don't want
  • Conquering the goals that will help you achieve your success.

The road to change is a 4 session program that will help individuals reach their goals. The program is based around the principle of changing that which you don't want and adopting new habits to attract what you do want in your life. The program helps identify purpose, dreams, or the success of the individual. The next session is dedicated to learning or identifying what are the barriers that stops them from achieving what they want. After identifying that which the individual wants it is important to learn how to change. The program will teach individuals how to systematically change what they don't want in their lives. Using the formula for change to build a strategy to change things within their lives. The last step in the process is building a strategy to complete the goals needed to start on the road to personal success.

Upcoming events and workshops

Breaking Barriers: The story of overcoming and what is truly possible if you dream!

This week in our coffee and empowerment group we will be hearing the story of Tino. Tino will be performing! We met this young man during a speaking event Dr. Caba performed in, After hearing his story of overcoming many obstacles including poverty and violence with the passing of his father Tino is a star! As seen on channel 9 news Tino is a survivor of the wars gangs bring. Not only did he survive but he was able to empower himself and start to build a legacy his past would have never imagined possible. Receiving scholarships for his fighting spirit Tino is set to go on his new adventure of success. He will be speaking at our events facility to tell the story and empower humans.

His story will show you that everything is possible and where you are now has nothing to do to where you can. Come have some coffee with us and here this story!

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Special Education Summit honoring powerful teachers

Unsung heroes: Dr, Caba will be speaking to 250 government employees about thier careers. 

Weekly empowerment group

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04/09/2022 11am

Get motivated: Learn how to turn on motivation and conquer your goals. 

Dr. Julio C Caba is a motivational speaker and certified motivational coach that has traveled to speak for many organization motivating their employees. As owner of Change M.F.C.R a mental health and workshop facility he will be showing a limited number of attendees how to call upon and use motivation . The workshop will also teach attendees how to strategically conquer goals. This will be a in person and virtual event. Seats are limited so grab your seat today! Using his experience of showing individuals how to motivate themselves towards goals is part of our community workshop out reach program. This session will me motivating and Dr. Caba will be breaking bricks during the live event. 



Starting a business? Want to grow your small business? Important basic principles to help you make a living from what you love!

Dr. Julio C Caba DBA is a business owner, business coach, and entrepreneur for many years will be hosting a business workshop. On our mission to improve movement we are now running an online workshop to help individuals who want to start making a living from what they love to do. If you want to start or grow a small business using your skills, talents, and creativity join us for this fun and interactive workshop. Learn the basic principle of business such as:

Personal branding
Using your story for marketing
Organizing your business
Creating a marketing strategy
Creating a sales process  


407 Hub Real-estate Brokerage has hired change mfcr to speak at a workshop to empower its workforce. At change M.F.C.R we are empowering movement for  individuals and organization. If you have an organization and would like us to conduct a workshop click on the bottom below and our team will work to make your event spectacular.  




Founder, life coach, motivational speaker and Vice President Dr. Julio C Caba will be performing celebrating champions for a third year to raise money, awareness, and motivate teens graduating High School while facing homelessness. If you would like to donate please click below. All proceeds will go directly into the hands of the teens and family.  


De- Stress at your Desk for Success (Learn how to de-stress from your desk)

10/23/2019 7pm-8pm

If we are not happy at work, it is more than likely that we are not happy at home. Dr. Julio C Caba Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Carolina Alvarez marriage and family therapist are teaching a workshop that will help you DE-Stress right at your desk while working. These are strategies used in mental health and customized to be used from your desk at work. In this workshop you will receive a goodie bag with the tools you will use at your desk. These are small and effective techniques that can help you relieve your stress at work so you can go home and lead happy a life.

SEATS ARE LIMITEDseats are limited 

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True to me confidence building seminar for young girls ages 10-16

07/06, 07/13, 07/20, 08/03, and 08/10


This FREE seminar powered by the Dove self-esteem project is 5 sessions full of activities to assist young girls in building self-esteem. The seminar will be conducted by Carolina Alvarez L.M.F.T. a therapist for over ten years at Change mf.c.r, inc. This is an outreach program designed to strengthen our communities and strengthen the confidence of our children preparing them to face the challenges they face in school. Let's help our young girls build confidence and face the world with an understanding that they are strong and special.

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Father and I: Single Father Support group

07/06/2019: 2:00pm

Father and I is a single father support group that will be conducted by Dr. Julio C Caba a prior single father that experienced many challenges while raising three children on his own. This group will talk about the challenges, solutions, and different areas of single parenting as a father. It will also give single fathers an opportunity to network with each other to build outside support.

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Starting 07/06


True to me Confidence building seminar for young girls 

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Starting 07/06


Father and I: Single Father Support group

620 Maitland ave altamonte springs fl 32701


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