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At times you might feel as if your stuck in place or trapped in the same routine. You want more out of your life and/or business. You look at the world around you and see it is possible to move forward and increase areas of your life but just unsure of how or where to start. Not knowing what the next steps in your life should be can be frustrating. You are not alone! In fact, statistics show that 69 percent of people feel this exact same way(Life Hack). Some have a business but unsure of how to grow that business. Others want to use their talents to start a business and make a living off of what they love to do. This uncertainty can bring about stress, anxiety and a host of of other issues. The great news is that you can do something about it now!  Hiring a experienced personal coach that specializes in the area you want to improve can give you the opportunity to gain an outside perspective. Having your personal team of experts by your side can make all of the difference in your self development. You are not alone on your journey and now you can have the support you need from a non-judgmental and confidential. If you want to make improvements immediately and tired of waiting for your personal success call our offices, email, or fill the contact form and begin the exciting adventure of going from where you are today to where you want to be. 

Melinda Barned 

Life Coach and Relationship Coach

Relationships are vital to improve all areas of your life. If you need to build strategies to improve any and all relationships in your life Melinda is the coach you need.   As a Counselor for 10 years Melinda has empowered many individuals to heal from their past. Now, as a life coach and relationship coach she collaborates with individuals to plan for the future. Specializing in relationships and experience in all areas of life, Melinda is the right coach to take your relationships into the future. From romantic relationships to familial relationships, and even your social relationship, hiring the right coach can improve your relationships which can have a positive impact on all the other parts of your life. From finances to happiness, knowing how to handle important relationships is the key to achieving improvement within The rest of your life.

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Brandy K Biglow

Licensed Counselor, Career Coach, and Life Coach

From maneuvering work environment to just trying to figure out the next steps in your career, relationships, or education Brandy can empower you! From small to large organizations; Brandy has hired, managed, and coached many individuals in their careers. The career development experience coupled with counseling experience allows Brandy to empower individuals through their careers. With a specialty in career coaching, experience in life coaching, and counseling, gaining the clarity in your career is just one call away. If you need to work on workplace relationships, develop skills for your career, start a new career, work on your promotion, or make a change, Brandy is passionate about giving you the tools you need and empowering you!

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Dr. Julio C Caba

Life Coach, Business Coach, and Speaker

Whether you are opening a business, managing a private practice, wanting to break barriers, need accountability or want to conquer your goals Dr. Caba is an experienced coach that is passionate about your success. Julio collaborates with you under a core belief that you have the ability to fully and unequivocally direct your life. With the right business or life strategy the outcomes you desire are not only possible but probable. The perfect answers live within.  Experienced in human motivation, business, mindset reset, managing private practices, and organizational management giving you the edge you need to go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow! 

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About us!

As counseling helps you heal from your past and present, coaching helps you plan and strategize for your future in both your personal life and business life. Allowing you to get the opportunity to achieve your success with 360 degrees of services to cover all of your self development  needs. This holistic approach increases your chances of living the life you truly want. Once we at Change M.F.C.R, inc, realized that coaching helps complete the mental health journey of individuals, we partnered up with some of the most experienced coaches we could find. This collective of coaches have the tools, training, and experience to help you through your path of transformation, evolution, and breaking barriers. It is your business and life and you deserve the support to achieve what you want. We will be your team for your project to succeed in what you want. Your success is our business and our business only succeeds if you do!

Before you can improve on areas in your life, it becomes vital to get a better understanding of what areas need improvement. Take the Life Evaluator Assessment. 

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Our life coaches are experienced in empowering individual. Some of our coaches have mental health backgrounds and experienced at working with human behavior. Specializing in many areas of life such as confidence, goal attainment,  happiness, self awareness, empowerment and more. Claim a free discovery session today!

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The business coaches that work on the team have extensive experience in owning, operating, consulting, and coaching in many industries with business giving you the edge for grow and organization. The business environment is highly competitive and having the right coach in your corner can make all the difference.

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As private practice owners and operators our coaches own and operate a successful private practice. This experience  coupled with a business background and education can help mental health practitioners get back to what they love to do, counseling. From marketing to organization and even scaling let us work with you on your dreams.  

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From case staffing to licensing and even career our counselors are now coaching counselors. These are highly experience counselors with 30 years of experience leading mental health organizations. Gain the support you serve so you can continue to change lives.

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Before you can improve on areas in your life, it becomes vital to get a better understanding of what areas need improvement. Take the Life Evaluator Assessment.

Take Life Evaluator Assessment


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